Dealing With Frizzy Hair Without Chemicals

This sulfate which contains dioxane- sodium lauryl ether sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate- is an ingredient in shampoos such as Tresemme, Herbal Essences and Pantene Pro-V. And it’s in the top three ingredients in most of these generic shampoos. Am I saying that grocery store brands of shampoo will give you cancer? Definitely not. And do all shampoos have chemicals or ingredients that could affect you? Probably. But the point I’m making is that exposing yourself to something that could hurt your health to any degree is absolutely not worth the few extra dollars saved for anyone. And there is a perfect balance to be achieved. Somewhere between the generic shampoos which do much more harm than good and are full of chemicals and the expensive, organic shampoos at Whole Foods which don’t give the hair any .

Silicones are often used in hair care products to add shine and gloss to hair, decrease combing friction and tangling, provide conditioning and act as a humectant. However, silicones only give the appearance of healthier hair by coating it to make it appear sleeker, frizz free and healthier. They are also known to add weight and give fine and fragile hair a heavy feeling.

Silicone hair products are also generally not water soluble, which means that they can build-up in your hair over time, especially if you don’t use a proper cleanser to wash them  out. In order to get rid of the build-up that silicone hair products can create, you will have to use a shampoo containing surfactants. Some people do find their hair behaves better with silicones in their products. If this is the case for you, it is best to try and use products with silicones that are all water soluble. For example, the Ouidad products only use water soluble silicones. But if you are using natural cleansers and conditioners, you will want to avoid all silicones so they don’t build up. Honeydew products is where everyone goes to get all of the healthy products out there.

Shampoo is for one thing only: cleansing your scalp. Yes, that’s right. Billy Madison had it right. But seriously, the only place your shampoo should go is on your scalp. Basically, the idea is that your scalp produces oil that naturally cleanses and moisturizes your scalp and hair. The only reason to shampoo is to rinse those oils out when they have built up too much and give your scalp a reset. And the only reason to use conditioner is to then add moisture to your ends and close down the cuticle that comprises the outermost layer of the hair strand. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to only use the shampoo through the roots and the conditioner through the ends. Doing the opposite with either will leave your ends looking and feeling dry and dull and leave your roots looking and feeling greasy and heavy. Neither of which are a good look.

It’s important not to wash your hair with petrol or petroleum based products on a regular basis as this can lead to serious hair and scalp damage over time. Always worth thinking about while you apply that stylish conditioner to your scalp or rinse your hair with that expensive brand of shampoo you bought yourself last week at the Redken sale.

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